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Let us manage your technology so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Our team understands that your mission is focused on the people you serve.

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Our team can bring expert level management to your organization without the team cost you would incur building the team on your own. We will make sure your technology is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.

We understand the day-to-day priorities, challenges, and decisions you face — and how IT intersects with everything. We’ll assess your situation and guide you through the complex nature of growing organizations.

Our team is here to help you implement a customized IT solution so that your teams are in alignment with the right technology tools and information to move your organization forward.

Our solutions remove the strain of feeling overwhelmed and being stuck. We bring expert-level management to your organization without the cost of hiring a dedicated in-house team.

Partnering with Slingshot will give you the confidence you need to use technology to propel your organization to even greater heights.

Our Benefits

We do this by partnering with you in three key areas –

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Managing users and devices

As you grow you will quickly realize managing users and the devices can take up the time you need to put into critical areas of your organization. On top of it, the cost of hiring someone to do this at your high standards doesn’t always align with your budget.

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Strategic planning

We’ve seen it over and over again. Failing to plan your infrastructure growth causes painful missteps and can potentially slow down potential catalyzing moments. Too often we have seen wasted time and resources spent in the wrong areas. Our team has decades of experience in aligning organizations’ growth and budgets.
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Hybrid work solutions and streaming

The ability to engage with teams and audiences online is a critical part of business today and in the future. Our team of experts are able to help evaluate your current setups, identify holes, and implement solutions that are able to fit your needs and scale with you into the future.

Testimonials from Our Clients

They consulted with us to understand our process, budget, and technology capabilities. Using their expertise they recommended different options and helped us make decisions that fit our needs. Using their expertise with other clients they had some solutions that worked for similar non-profits. They built for us our membership portal, seminar archives, advised on best practices for member data management, and helped us migrate from one financial transaction processing solution to another. Not only did they create and deliver excellent solutions time after time, they were kind and helpful, training us to manage the processes ourselves. We are happy with the solution they provided and believe they are a good choice for your technology needs.

Kim Parker, Executive Director, Association for Christians in Health and Human Services, ACHHS.ORG

Slingshot eliminated our online streaming issues! They fixed in just two days an error which had stopped our ability to stream for several weeks. After this win, we selected them as our Managed IT Services provider. They’ve been excellent at resolving our day-to-day issues with a personal touch and have drastically advanced our organization’s multi-campus technology strategy.

Ben Breit, Executive Pastor / Emmanuel

Other Services

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Managed Services

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Streaming Service and Equipment Consultations

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Printers / Copiers

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IT infrastructure planning / projects

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Hybrid Work Setups - Phone / Video calls

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Security Cameras

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Cloud / Storage

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Tech Ops Stack planning

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